Thursday, July 25, 2013


So far this summer we have done a lot of camping.  First I went to YW camp, then Drew went to YM camp, then we went to Jasper.  We're also planning on camping at Writing On Stone in August.  We are really wishing we had a trailer.  

I was asked to be the Camp Director this year, and I admit that a lot of prayers and a lot of tears went into the planning of this camp.  I was blessed to have a fantastic committee, and over all it was a really great experience, and we had a lot of fun.  We went hiking, canoeing, did archery, had dance parties, swam, had spa time, and we went to on of the other leader's parent's farm and saw a bunch of animals.  The best part was a nice prank that we played on the Priesthood involving a bottle of water and a very, very pregnant leader.  Our camp Theme was Belmead Girls Rock, and we used the scripture Helaman 5:12.

Drew went on a Stake Camp with his YM.  It was a very long week for both of us.  

And, they only had one injury this year, but at least they didn't have to airlift anyone out. 

We just got back from camping with the kids in Jasper.  We were supposed to go with Keith and Mandy, but they ended up not being able to come, so we decided to go anyhow.  I am glad that we did.  We had a really great time.  

Taylor loved to roast marshmallows.  She would sit very patiently and roast them, but she doesn't like marshmallows, so she would roast them and either let them drop into the fire, or give them to somebody else to eat.  They were always roasted perfectly too.  

We explored the town of Jasper

 Behind the campground was the Athabasca River.  We spent time down there throwing and collecting rocks. 

While we were down at the River, this fuzzy guy came down for a swim.  It was really scary.  We were standing in the river, and then suddenly Drew told us to come over by him quick.  We turned around and there was the bear.  We quickly got our shoes back on, and hurried back to our camp.  The bear watched us the whole time we were in the water, and then followed about 30 feet behind us until we got to the edge of the campground.  

It was our first time tent camping with the kids.  Taylor had a hard time getting to sleep, especially since her brothers got to stay up, and it doesn't get dark until almost 11pm.  

 Drew told Marcus that he should try to catch a squirrel.  Marcus tied a pretzel onto a piece of twine, and laid in the grass so he could catch one. 

We went for a hike at Malgine Canyon.  The kids did really well.  We accidentally took the wrong trail on our way back, so we went on a longer hike than we thought.  It was still fun. 

Towards the end Taylor fell asleep in her stroller.  Drew pushed her in this crappy stroller the whole way.  He deserved a medal.  When we passed people on the trail they were surprised that we brought it.  

We went for Ice Cream a lot.  We went to a place called Scoops and Loops, and then we would eat it in the park across the street.  We even stopped for Ice Cream one night after we went to the Hot Springs at 11pm  

One afternoon we went to Annette Lake.  It was a warm lake with a sand beach and a sand bottom.  We had a lot of fun there swimming and building things in the sand. 

The water was so clear, this is after I stirred up the sand a bit.

We had a lot of fun, and we can't wait to go back. 

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